What is ZIP-LINE?

It’s a means of transportation which carries people and freight with a pulley installed in a cable. Nowadays it’s popular as a means of entertainment, but it has used as a means of traffic from old times because of its simple construction.

We will combine new technologies with Zip-lines and offer a new transportation system.

What are “new technologies”?

The technologies we have result from studies toward realization of “Space Elevator”. Space Elevator is a planet-to-space transportation system with an elevator tied with a cable. Although it has formulated plans from old times, it has just been a utopian transport because of lack of strength in cables. However, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel on clearing the problem of strength thanks to being discovered a new material “Carbon Nanotube” in 1990s, so the study for realization is launched.

Climbers (elevators) climbing long cables are significantly different in structure and the concept from existing elevators, so the research and development is being conducted in tandem with material research. In addition, "Space Elevator Challenge" (SPEC), which domestic and foreign universities and companies compete for climber’s technology, is held every year. In the past, our engineering team participated in it.

As of 2018, the method of manufacturing long carbon nanotubes has not been established, therefore there are restrictions on the experiments of climbers. But in Japan, there is a record of being risen vertically up to a height of 1200 meters in experiments using a balloon

ZIP-LINE × Space Elevator = New Transport Infrastructure

We will build new transport infrastructure with Zip-lines, using the technology cultivated in the development of climbers for Space elevator. With simplicity of Zip-line as it is, we will realize a faster and more reliable means of transportation by using climbers loaded with power.

Now we are planning to construct transport infrastructure based on the Zip-line in places where movement on ground is difficult due to geographical constraint, and between buildings in central downtown area.


Simple and flexible

Installation work is much easier than other transportation.

If you want to transport light objects, it will be done with only two pillars or trees. In addition, it’s easy to change the location for installing, so you can use them in places where spots for transporting are changeable such as construction sites.


The Zip-line itself is made for movements of people, and our climbers are also designed with the aim of moving vertically for Space elevator. For these reasons, you can transport people and heavy objects easily compared with Drone.


The Zip-line, which has been used all over the world for many years, is reliable transportation. Thanks to the form of holding on a cable and using a lifeline when a person rides, the risk of falling is extremely low if it stops in the middle. Moreover, a propelling movement with rescue climber can safely move you to the destination.

Back and forth operation

The common Zip-line can only move from higher to lower spots, but our climber loaded with power makes it possible to operate back and forth with only one cable. In addition, since you don’t have to collect and forward pulleys, you can use it as a practical means of transportation.

Environmental performance

Thanks to driving with a battery, exhaust gas and so on isn’t emitted. Also, if you move from higher to lower spots, it can save a lot of energy by utilizing potential energy. Moreover, it has a low noise level compared to Drone.

Easy to operate

Climbers are power pulleys moving along the cables, so you don’t need to have special skills and licenses such as Drone manipulation. Moreover, there is no worry that the wind blew it away in case of bad weather.


You can utilize them not only as transportation infrastructure but in various sites people and things move.

Company Profile

Company Name Zip Infrastructure, Inc.
(In Japanese: Zip Infrastructure株式会社)
Business Area
  1. Production and Sales of Transport Machines
  2. Construction
  3. Automobile Transportation
  4. Motor Truck Transportation
  5. Any and all businesses incidental to each of the foregoing
Office Head Office : Setagaya, Tokyo
Office : SFC-IV Shared Office, 4489-105 Endo, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa
Representative CEO : Takamasa Suchi
Director : Kyohei Yashima
Date of Establishment 20 July, 2018
Capital 2,510,000 JPY


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